Make Professional-Looking eBook Covers

I'm a dedicated Internet Marketer - but I have a few days I really wish I was a Web Designer.

I know the importance of having a great eBook Cover, but how do you make one, where should I begin, most of my friends have the same problems!

Having a good looking cover image is key to increasing sales and credibility for your eBook.

I can only assume that you're looking through this article as you already know why a fantastic eBook Cover image is benificial to you and the positioning of your eBook.

A large number of products on the Internet are digital products, being information products, tools or software that solves a dilemma or saves someone a lot of time.

Seeing your product with a cover image makes it have a much higher perceived value, as the customer can visualize what they are getting and you should really have one of these for your eBook.

It's doesn't matter if you're promoting your own book, ebook, DVD/CD's, products, software package, or just creating a list, you will need something that is quick and simple to use. You have already spent a lot of energy in making your product that you do not really feel like spending that effort all over again just for the cover.

A great majority of eBook Cover Maker programs need Adobe Photoshop which is not cheap AND not very user friendly & most plug-ins are expensive too! You will need the latest version of Photoshop as most are not backwards compatable, which just increases the expense. The software can be painfully slow so you need a fast PC to make it work well.

This doesn't sound like something that was made for people like you & me who want a quick eBook Cover, for our eBook or wesite.

So what other ways could someone create eBook Cover graphics in 3d without pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to use Photoshop?

There is the strategy of outsourcing, you know the technique where you employ someone to do it for you. You spend a few hours preparing a task discription of what you require, then a couple more hrs interviewing potential candidates. Then once they have done the image there are a few more hrs in reviews to get it to the way you asked for it as they did not follow your instructions.

The people who have tied to outsourse in the past will know what I mean. OK, I better explain - I've had the experience when outsourcing offshore where english was not their first language, they promised to get the design completed by a certain date, and an agreed quality. Then they went a week over the agreed date and we had 4 reviews as the design looked rushed & wasn't up to the quality that we requested in the task description.

So outsourcing is a method, especially if you have a lot of them to make.

Is there a method where you do not need any editing software, and you don't need to invest the time getting it outsourced?

eBook Cover Maker 3d may be the answer you have been searching for. You don't need any costly software like Adobe Photoshop to make a professionally finished 3d eBook cover and you can do it in 10 minutes so its bearly worth your time to outsource the job.

I really want to make this crystal clear, you don't need Photoshop at all to produce 3d eBook Cover graphics, and your wasting your time outsourcing it, as you would be finished before you would explain it to them what you wanted.

But right now your probably curious as to what the eBook covers look like!

Go to eBook Cover Maker 3d and see for yourself.